hi there!

i’m Kelsey – 23 year-old wife to my best friend + soulmate, Dallin.

i love a lot of things – i’m an ‘all or nothing’ kind of person. i love reading mystery novels, traveling, (binge) watching Netflix and rom coms, and playing board games with my fam. i adore nights full of pinot grigio and deep conversations with my best girlfriends. i definitely cannot get enough of my fur babes, Leo and George.

some of my other obsessions include: peanut butter, champagne, + sushi. those who know me call me a sugar freak…and i reached the acceptance stage quickly when i found myself on the couch with an entire gallon of cotton candy ice cream and a spoon in hand. apparently you’re supposed to scoop it into a smaller bowl?

i’m SO happy you have found and chosen to read this small glimpse of my insanely blessed life.

one thing that has driven me the last few years has been being purposeful with every decision. so what’s the purpose of this blog? to me, this blog is a lot of things – a getaway, a journal, a documentation of my life and thoughts and dreams and goals. for you? well, you get to decide that. but my hopes? that you can connect, relate, learn and dream along with me.