1st day of school

each year, i remember the feelings i had getting ready for my first day of school. it’s still one of my favorite days of the year now as a teacher. 

waking too early, up before the sun. a stomach full of butterflies…from excitement? from fear? both – though i won’t admit my nerves.

crisp, clean clothes laid out the night before gleaming at me from the chair in my room.

dressed – hair brushed – teeth clean – backpack stocked.

skipping feet prancing across the tile and into the kitchen. the main ingredient in whatever breakfast food is shoveled into my mouth is definitely sugar. special occasions call for special foods. i’m envisioning myself in the same spot 12 hours from now; our 1st day dinner tradition on the table this evening: spaghetti and garlic bread.

however, i have to remind myself there are so many things that will happen between now and then. folders labeled, pencils sharpened, names introduced, friends hugged, games played, songs sung.

i grab my backpack, my ingenuine smile revealing the rising panic in my body. the doubt that creeps in right before everything goes perfectly.

i can’t wait.

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