i have been scrolling through instagram and facebook the last few days seeing everyone’s posts about thanksgiving, and i am just plain lovin’ it. that warm holiday feeling creeps in this time of year, but only if you let it. i try to spend extra time focusing my attention on the little things – hence my blog motto – when this busy time of year comes around. today i spent time reflecting on my thanksgiving break and what made each day beautiful and wonderful.

  1. let’s list the most obvious one first: sleeping in. not setting an alarm has to be one of the most liberating feelings ever. what time am i getting up in the morning? WHO CARES.
  2. time: i felt like i actually had time to do things i’ve been putting off or not prioritizing. some of them were things i wouldn’t necessarily classify as ‘fun’, but they helped bring me peace of mind and check them off my to-do list.
  3. potatoes: man, am i thankful for potatoes. in any form.
  4. a clean house
  5. lighting candles after cleaning the house
  6. dogs that make the house dirty again
  7. a husband that makes sure to plug in our christmas tree because he knows i love it
  8. netflix binges
  9. new tv shows!!
  10. press-on nails
  11. quiet (no offense, fifth graders. i actually really do miss you)
  12. redecorating: the paint samples across our living room walls make my heart so happy
  13. fresh snow
  14. dogs getting the zoomies in the fresh snow
  16. family
  17. family
  18. family
  19. game nights
  20. laughter
  21. seeing friends from near and far
  22. challenging puzzles
  23. my sister being home from college
  24. football on tv
  25. no more laundry piles
  26. friday night: dallin and i sat on the couch watching tv, laughing, doing nothing in particular. we didn’t get any ‘perfect’ thanksgiving photos together like most that i enjoyed looking at on social media, but i took one on this night – my favorite night.


i know there’s nothing groundbreaking about this list. it probably looks really similar (or at least i hope) to a list you all could make if you reflected on the wonderful moments from the last few days – but it’s still important. it’s a list that can remind you to focus on the little things. don’t be so busy pushing ahead or waiting for the big moments – or worst of all – comparing yourself to others, that you forget to enjoy each day in some way.

it’s easy to be busy. it’s easy to focus on what you need to do and have to do and feel anxious and overwhelmed while doing it. it’s easy to say, “i just need to get _____ done” or “when i finish this, i’ll be ready to relax”. i am for sureeee guilty of saying those things most days. (and i for sureeee will say them another thousand times by christmas)

but in the nature of the season, i am challenging myself to not take the easy route. take the route that takes a little more effort; a little more focus; a little more intention. breathe in gratitude, breathe out hurrying. breathe in intention, breathe out thoughtlessness. (this breathe in/breathe out thing comes from yoga i’ve been doing recently – another thing i’ve been so, so thankful for!)

and if you for some reason haven’t had time to reflect on what made your holiday so special, i challenge you to do it now. i challenge you to stop, reflect, give thanks, and plan to be purposeful throughout the rest of the holiday season. even finding ONE thing each day to change your attitude and focus on the good. and after that, challenge yourself to breathe in the little things and then hold your breath to really, really feel them. don’t let them pass by without acknowledging what they mean and how they are beautiful.

tell me below what you’re thankful for this holiday season! your wins and happiness bring me more smiles than you know.

thanks for reading.

love, kelsey

4 thoughts on “gratitude

  1. i am grateful for the moments that you feel like the world stops for what seems longer than a second. when we are able to grasp everything that’s in front of us in this moment of pause. there were multiple times on this holiday break that i would look at my husband, our home, our fur babies, my pregnant belly, or even an empty nursery and say, “wow… how can it possibly get better than this?” the best part is my heart, mind and soul tell me it’s only about to get more messy, complicated, and that much more amazing. thank you for reminding us about the little things my dear friend. love you

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