who am i? who are you?

identity: the distinguishing character or personality of a person.

much like the changing of leaves in the fall, i believe that a person’s identity is the same. the tree trunk is a foundation – planted as a young seed or sapling – growing and maturing as the years pass, but never really changing or disappearing. each year, leaves grow, flourish, change color, fall, and bud to start again.

there are some titles and qualities that are innate and unwavering from the day we are born. there are others that are molded by the experiences & people & choices we make throughout our lives. some stay forever, some come and go.

the journey to becoming who i am today has been full of twists and turns, peaks and valleys, good and bad decisions, impulse, planning, spontaneity, peer pressure.

at 24, i’m still not 100% positive i know who i am. i think i do…or at least i know who 24-year-old Kelsey is. she holds titles and qualities, and some are lifelong while others are temporary like those beautiful, multi-colored oak leaves come October.

daughter, sister, sports lover (watching, obviously – we all know i don’t play sports), wife, musician, dancer, dreamer, procrastinator, teacher, artist, student, colleague, photographer, Amazon Primer, Christian, chef, baker, Netflix binger, animal lover, taste tester, professional napper, reader, writer, learner, empath, friend.

there are countless factors that contribute to the construction of one’s identity. inner and outer qualities, roles, passions, groups, community, profession, and many others. sometimes it’s even difficult to admit things that are a part of your identity, because they aren’t all positive. i’m guilty of being overly gung-ho and enthusiastic about new ideas, only to lose steam really quickly and have hundreds of projects i’ve never finished. i mean, i haven’t published a blog post since February…

despite what your identity is/was/will be, it’s beautiful. no, it’s not an excuse for you (or me) to say, “that’s just who i am,” to get out of bettering yourself and progressing everyday – but it’s beautiful.

it should be celebrated. it should be shouted from the rooftops and whispered to the stars.


what a beautiful thing to live on a planet with so many branches of diversity. if only people spent more time cherishing differences than avoiding or criticizing them.

so, tell me:

who are you? what leaves have come and gone from the different seasons of your life? how are we the same? how are we different? who or what differences have you celebrated recently? what makes you, you?

love, kelsey

One thought on “who am i? who are you?

  1. Great analogy using trees, branches, and leaves to embrace diversity and change.
    My favorite symbol is The Tree of Life, which has been evident in cultures for 2000 years. When I counseled children, I always used trees to explain the cycle of life and to help them understand change.
    Nice article Kelsey


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