going camping


“fashion” blogs, “cooking” blogs, “parenting” blogs, “how to write and make money from your own blog” blogs. anyone can blog about anything.

when i was little, i did a lot of free writing – mostly poetry, but also many stories and the occasional diary entry. as i got older, this happened less and less frequently as my brain associated writing with school and rubric requirements.

in recent years, i have rediscovered writing and shifted my mindset. there are no ‘requirements’ that i have to meet or anyone that i have to share it with – in turn, sparking my passion for writing again.

sparks always start as just that, small sparks. most often they only begin to grow in the proper environment. i’m immensely lucky that both my work and personal environments have given me the oxygen i need to turn that spark into a small campfire as i remember what writing is actually all about.

but even as i rediscovered the beauty of writing, blogging was my one spark that continued to be extinguished. i thought it was other people who were doing the extinguishing. i heard things about others’ blogs: “i can’t believe he just decided to start a blog,” “she really can’t have anything THAT important to say,” and “geez, this writing is terrible – maybe she should learn to write before putting it online for anyone to read.”

(can you see my fear here?)

this is when the mental argument with myself began. the argument spanned a few years until i realized it’s not other people who are suffocating this desire to blog, it’s myself. i’m the one listening to what they’re saying; i control my own choices – stop holding back because of fear, Kelsey. be brave. the spark was finally getting the oxygen it needed.

about 2 weeks ago, Dallin and i were recovering from wedding exhaustion on January 1st – or at least trying – and that mental debate started creeping its way back in my brain. in that moment, i decided no more time bickering, no more arguing, no more indecisive thoughts – just do it! 

i started actually voicing my desire to start a lifestyle blog. okay Kelsey – we’re getting somewhere. luckily, i married a man who encourages me to follow all of my dreams, and he helped me push play. i’ve spent the last 2 weeks really building this campfire of a blog. i want others to sit around, obviously with a marshmallow and stick in hand, reading and chatting and connecting. isn’t that what a campfire is for? telling stories, confessing secrets, eating s’mores (i guess you can’t do that virtually, but you can find a yummy snack while reading)?

now, not everyone likes camping – actually to be honest, i’m not a big fan of ‘real’ camping myself. i love a good bon fire and roasting hot dogs and marshmallows, but a girl’s gotta have access to civilization within a day or two.

BUT – what i love about camping is that it offers an opportunity for connection, reflection, and laughter.

my posts will be about life – the good, the bad, the ugly – and they will always be honest.

this campfire happens to be online, so even if you hate camping, you can connect, reflect, and laugh from the comfort of – well, anywhere. your couch, your car, your kitchen, you name it. for now, i’ll be curled up in my own living room with my fur babes and husband, enjoying our fresh snow fall, reading Girl Last Seen by Nina Laurin and awaiting a surge of motivation to get up and do something productive with my messy home. happy sunday!

love, kelsey



5 thoughts on “going camping

  1. You are so aawesome! I admire your strength, honesty and huge heart!! I look so forward to watching your and Dallins accomplishments, choices, growth and loving life together! Nothing is too big that you two cant accomplish together. I love you!

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  2. Outstandingly and beautifully put. Life is about taking chances, getting out of our comfort zone, being brave, and being bold. I am so proud of you friend. Yet another step into anew chapter of adventure. I cannot wait to read more! Love your guts!

    Liked by 1 person

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